JTHS Curriculum Director Wins Award

JTHS Curriculum Director Alberto Filipponi has been selected to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ICTFL) for 2014-2015 school year.

Filipponi is the District Curriculum Director for the Social Science & World Languages and ESL/Bilingual Program Director. Nominated in “Category V” for individuals who have influenced and shaped public policy in favor of foreign language learning in Illinois.

Joliet West French teacher, Jo Anne Bratkovich, nominated Filipponi and worked several teachers from both Joliet campuses to submit recommendation letters. “I nominated Al for this award because he certainly fits the qualifications,” Bratkovich said. “He is an avocation for second language learning in our district and works tirelessly to improve course offerings for all of our students to become proficient in a second language.”

The Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages purpose is to improve the study and teaching of modern and classical languages and their literatures and cultures at all levels of instruction. They provide a framework for statewide foreign language organizations to cooperate in improving the quality of learning and teaching. The ICTFL encourages excellence in education through public recognition of outstanding programs and individuals. Filipponi has been selected to receive the Distinguished Service to Foreign Language Learning Award for his contributions to language learning in Illinois. The awards luncheon will be held October 24 at the ICTFL Annual Fall Conference in Tinley Park.

New Burger Restaurant in Joliet

Joliet has a new gourmet burger restaurant. Located at 1015 Essington Road, Hamburgerseria is a small, intimate space where handmade burgers are paired with coffee and desserts.

Owner Elina Trianou has been managing restaurants in the Joliet area for 20 years and decided it was time to open one of her own. However, don’t be fooled by her Greek heritage, Hamburgerseria is not a Greek diner.

“We wanted something different in town,” Triantou said. “Something small, something for me. The whole thing, it’s like for your lunch break. Nothing is precooking. You can come in and sit.”

Hamburgerseria puts an original secret sauce on most of the burgers, but is available on the side if you want it on a burger that doesn’t come with the sauce.

Burgers aren’t the only thing on the menu. The restaurant also offers salads, sandwiches, paninis and all-beef hotdogs.

To see the whole menu, visit hamburgerseria.com

British Man Fakes Coma for Two Years

If there  is not already bizarre things happening in the world today, brace and get ready for this one. A man from the United Kingdom faked a coma for two years. But guess why? So that he could avoid court. He might have gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for his supermarket loyalty card.

A British con artist, who also pretended to be a quadriplegic to avoid prosecution, has finally been caught by police after having evidence of him driving and walking around grocery stores.

Alan Knight of Swansea, Wales allegedly stole about $64,000 American dollars from an elderly neighbor who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. When the cops began investigating the case is when Knight claimed to be a quadriplegic and sometimes faked being in a coma to avoid being questioned. Apparently, Knight’s wife was in on the scheme, because she wrote a letter to a local newspaper describing his “ailing” state and how it was hard for the whole family to cope with. She also explained how he had been in an accident and suffered a neck injury. The courts explained that the hearing would proceed whether Knight was there or not, so he showed up in a wheelchair and neck brace.

Once arriving, the evidence was presented and with it being so substantial and incriminating, Knight pleaded guilty. Sentencing will be on November 7, 2014.