Teens Take A Ride On A Giant Whale Shark

Florida teenagers Cody Garland and MicKayla Burke were enticed to jump in the water and swim with a whale shark. According to Burke, it gave them an adrenaline rush. According to marine life experts, they are gentle giants, but they warn others not to try this. When people spend time and put pressure on a fish, it takes away some of the slime covering and this can lead to a potential negative health impact. According to the teens they meant no harm to the animal.

Fourth Grade Prom Promise Fulfilled

In fourth grade, Ben Moser promised his mom he would ask his friend Mary to prom. Mary Lapkowicz has Down syndrome, and according to their fourth grade teacher Tracey Spogli, Moser watched over her constantly. He would include her in any activity he participated in and always watched out for her. The teens no longer attend the same high school, but the two 17-year-olds attended Moser’s prom together at Susquehanna Township High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The story of their prom date went viral on Reddit.

Notre Dame Rape Investigations

According to the county prosecutor, students at the University of Notre Dame can report cases of sexual assault directly to the St. Joseph County Special Victims Unit. St. Joseph County Prosecutor Ken Cotter told South Bend Tribune that he would rather these cases be investigated by those who were trained in domestic violence, sex assault and child abuse cases. Along with this, the countywide Metro Homicide Unit would investigate a murder on campus as well as the county Fatal Alcohol Crash Team would investigate a fatal traffic accident on campus. According to Notre Dame handbook, if an assault happens on campus, the correct people to report to is the Notre Dame Police. Notre Dame has chosen not to participate with SVU.