Apple to Go Through with Tim Cook Economic Development Act

Alabama state representative Patricia Todd confirmed that Apple’s general counsel called her this week and “confirmed that Apple and Tim are on board” with naming Todd’s LGBT anti-discrimination bill after Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple had initially protested associating its chief executive with the provocative legislation, but, reported Wednesday, the company is now giving its “blessing” to name the bill the “Tim Cook Economic Development Act.”

However, it appears getting Apple and Cook onboard came only after Apple performed complex maneuvers to distance itself from the bill — and received unflattering press.

Todd said naming the bill after Cook did not initially sit so well with Apple and that a company representative called her to pressure her to remove Cook’s name from the bill, which she then volunteered to do.

A story with the headline “Apple Didn’t Want Alabama’s LGBT Rights Bill Named After Its CEO,” was published, Apple issued a statement that said “we’re sorry if there was any miscommunication.”

The company said Cook was personally honored to hear Todd wanted to name a bill after him.

Wednesday, reported that Todd “is moving ahead with plans to name an anti-discrimination act after Apple CEO Tim Cook. And now, she’s got the blessings of the tech giant itself.” This reportedly happened after Bruce Sewell, Apple’s general counsel, called Todd on Tuesday.

“[Sewell] apologized profusely and said there was an employee that was trying to protect Apple from controversy,” Todd told “He said ‘I’m here to assure you we support this 100 percent.”

Ryan is to Wade as Reynolds is to Wilson

On Thursday, Ryan Reynolds tweeted this photo with the caption, “Uh… It’s Chimichanga Time.”

A few hours later, 20th century Fox confirmed the rumor by tweeting, “Deadpool fans rejoice! The ‘Merc with a Mouth’ is coming to movie theaters.” Yes. This means Ryan Reynolds will be playing Deadpool in an upcoming movie based on the comic book character. Fans of the comic are, indeed, rejoicing worldwide. However, those who remember Reynolds’ role as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine are a little apprehensive on the undertaking. The portrayal of the character was less than satisfactory for fans. Despite his previous shortcomings, thousands are looking forward to the upcoming movie.

You can find test footage here.

Prescription painkillers to get locked up

Experts in Illinois have suggested that state lawmakers require locking containers that have prescription painkillers in them to decrease theft and abuse of the drugs.

The Illinois House Health Care Licenses Committee in Springfield heard this testimony last week. A consultant who served as a pharmacy policy administrator for 10 years, pharmacist Kevin Gorospe, says that the main problem isn’t the use of fraudulent prescriptions but rather people stealing from actual users.

“According to the National Survey on Health, in the years 2012 and 2013, more than 60 percent of the non-medical users of opioids obtained those drugs from friends or family members,” he said.

Nick Gore, of Bartlett, said his path to heroin addiction started with him stealing painkillers from his grandparents and their friends. “What I was doing, I knew was wrong, but understanding the difference took a back seat when my disease took over. By requiring locking devices on all Schedule II prescriptions, this potentially could have been avoided,” Gore said.

Having locks for the prescription drugs could potentially cause the prices of the drugs to go up, but the required locks will be covered by insurance or MedicAid.