Nun Against Death Penalty

According to nun Sister Helen Prejean told a Boston court that Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was “genuinely sorry for what he did.” After Prejean met with Tsarnaev a few times and after gaining trust he told her “no one deserves to suffer like they did.” Federal prosecutors have attempted to block Prejean’s testimony, but were unsuccessful. Closing arguments in the death penalty phase are exected later this week.

White glow Saves Child’s Life

Mother, Julie Fitzgerald saw strange spots on her 2-year-old’s eye and was worried, but brushed it off. She saw a story go viral on Faebook that if you see a white glow on someone’s eye in a photo, it could be a sign of cancer. She decided to take a picture of her son Avery and sure enough she saw the white glow. Doctors diagnosed Avery with retinoblastoma and said that the cancerous tumors covered 75 percent of his eye. They had to remove his entire eye in risk of it spreading to his bloodstream and brain. A few other cases have been reported by the white glow in photographs.

Teen Charged With Murder of Deputy

18-year-old Utah teenager, Megan Grunwald, was found guilty in a 50-mile crime spree that left one sheriff’s deputy dead and another wounded. According to Gunwald, she was desperately in love with her much older boyfriend and would do anything to stay with him, including driving the getaway car. She tearfully told a jury that she was afraid to stop the car because the man she loved turned a gun on her and threatened to kill her family. Grunwald is faces life in prision and will have her sentencing July 18. Her boyfriend, 27-year-old Jose Angel Garcia-Jauregui, was killed in a shootout with police. Grunwald is ineligible for the dealth penalty since she was 17 when this crime happened.