Starbucks New Line of Smoothies and Yogurt

According to Fox News, Starbucks announced it will begin selling several fresh new items as part of its partnership with Dannon; including customizable smoothies, Greek yogurt parfaits, and yogurt that will be sold in grocery stores.

Fox News also stated that Starbucks customers visiting any of the participating locations can now order an “Evolution Fresh Smoothie” in one of three flavors: strawberry, mango carrot, and sweet greens – a veggie-based option with greens and fruits.  The new drinks can be customized with other add-ins like protein powder, more fruit and/or kale.

President of Evolution Fresh Jeff Hansberry stated in a press release that “they are free from artificial sweeteners or fillers,” and are a “unique [and] wholesome, snack or beverage.”  They have been trying them out in select stores since last year and their partners have shared positive feedback.  Starbucks new smoothies will sell for “$5.95 for a 16-ounce size.”

Fox News also stated that in early May, Starbucks will offer “Evolution Fresh” Greek yogurt parfaits in about half of the coffee chain’s American locations.  Vice president of marketing for Dannon Jeffrey Rothman stated Starbucks’ new yogurt will include three yogurt cultures, versus the traditional two and will be the “mildest, creamiest” yogurt made so far.

This summer, Starbucks-branded Dannon yogurt will begin appearing in grocery stores throughout the country.  The fruit-on-the-bottom cups will be going up against the emerging Greek yogurt brands such as like Fage and Chobani.

Disney Attraction Kills 1

On April 12 in Disney World, Orlando, Florida, a 36-year-old male was killed while sitting in the passenger’s seat in a popular race car attraction.  The attraction lets visitors drive or ride in luxurious cars such as Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

The two men involved in the crash were in a Lamborghini as the driver lost control of the car and struck a guard rail.  The driver was hospitalized with minor injuries.  The passenger was dead on the scene.

The names of the victims have yet to be released.

It is unclear at the time whether the driver was an employee of Disney or a fellow visitor.

Hillary Clinton “In to Win” for 2016

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton formally announced her bid for the 2016 Presidential Election via Twitter.  The tweet read: “@HillaryClinton: I’m running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. -H”

In contrast to her 2008 presidential run, this time around, Hillary has taken her campaign’s focus off of herself.  In a 2-minute long video announcement regarding her presidential bid, Hillary does not even appear until the 1:35-minute mark.  Instead, the video features average Americans experiencing key milestones in their lives: a mother going to work after being a stay-at-home mom, applying for a first job after college graduation, and even two men getting married.

According to, Hillary is the first official Democrat to announce her presidential bid, and is not likely to face any real competition until the general election.

After her unsuccessful prior presidential run, Hillary Clinton decided to take a different twist this time.  A fresh FaceBook page was launched as part of her campaign, showing personal photographs ranging all the way back to her birth to current family photographs not usually published.

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