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The Traffic Club of Chicago

University of St. Francis hosted The Traffic Club of Chicago on April 17th.  The presentation was “CSA: What Shippers, Truckers and Brokers need to Know—Now!”  It was sponsored by the College of Business and Health Administration.  There were many great speakers as well as a panel session.

Some of the speakers include:

  • David LaPorte.  He is the president of LaPorte CSA, Inc.  He has 20 years of experience in the trucking industry as well as experience in safety management, according to University of St. Francis. He spoke about his legal issue in the trucking industry.
  • Matt Hart. He is the executive director of the Illinois Trucking Association.  The Illinois Trucking Association is a non-profit company focusing on full-service trade by trucking companies.
  • The panel included Jeff Clark, managing partner of Eagle Corporate Solutions. Don Osterberg, senior vice president of Safety and Training, Schneider National, Inc. Pall Brocklebank, chief underwriter of Canal Insurance. Gary Palmer, senior director of transportation of True Value.  Dave Durtscher, senior partner of Tranzact.

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