Alien Hoax in Roswell

UFO researchers in Roswell, New Mexico, announced that they will release photographs proving the existence of aliens. This led to many experts to flock to the showing, with hundreds of onlookers ready to finally see prove of alien life. This, however, was tainted and marred as researchers and investigators looked at the photographs in question, and after much deliberation, concluded that the photographs of a so-called alien is a museum picture of a mummified child. This led to many criticizing the existence of aliens, many also claiming this to simply be a hoax in order to gain notoriety. Many experts are said to have lost their credibility as they endorsed the photographs shown.

Principal Apologizes for Racial Remarks at Graduation

Georgia prinicipal Nancy Gordeuk of TNT Academy in Stone Mountain apologized for making racial remarks during the school’s graduation ceremony. She shocked those in attendance when she chastised some for leaving early by saying, “Look who’s leaving, all the black people.” After her comment students and parents became disruptive and rude and some left in protest. In an apology letter, Gordeuk stated “The devil was in the house and came out from my mouth.”

Pennsylvania Mall Shooting Investigation

According to authorities, police were investigating a shooting that took place Monday morning at a shopping center south of Pittsburgh. The shooting was reported at the Tri-County Plaza in Rostraver Township. Local television station WTAE reported that only one person was shot and there was an active search for the shooter.