Crest Hill Man Wins Big

Vietnam native, Xuan Ngo Thu of Crest Hill won the $5.7 million Lotto drawing in August.

Photo credit: Rex Robinson

Thu shared with the Illinois Lottery that it became routine for him to buy a lottery ticket when he put gas in his car. He had been playing the Lotto since 1992 and never really expected to win. He bought the ticket at Joliet’s Speedway station on Jefferson Street on August 15th, the same day as the big Lotto drawing. Thu explained that he learned from the clerk at Speedway when he bought the ticket that he had “won something big”. He just wasn’t sure how big.

When Thu took the ticket home, he was very nervous and had his daughter check to see what he had won. He states, “My daughter said, ‘Dad, you hit the jackpot…and you are the only winner!’” Thu said in a press release, “From the moment I was told I became a millionaire I didn’t sleep for four days!”

The Speedway station will receive a $57,000 bonus (1% of the winnings) for selling the winning ticket. Thu opted to take his winnings in a one-time cash option of $3.9 million, which will be reduced to about $2.7 million after taxes.

Thu plans to share the winnings with his family and donate to the Hope & Healing charity. In addition, Thu has been thinking about the possibility of traveling to his native country of Vietnam.