Bears hire new Quarterbacks Coach: Cutler likes

The Bears hired new Quarterback’s Coach Jeremy Bates this week. Bates is another new addition to the staff along with the Bears new General Manager Phil Emery.

The decision to hire Bates was made ease after the success he had in the past working with Jay Cutler in Denver. During the few season’s Cutler was at Denver, Bates was his Quarterbacks coach and within those season’s Cutler had his best accuracy percentage and yards per-game working with Bates’.

“I am excited to be working with him again (Bates),” said Cutler. Cutler continues, “Me and Jeremy and a few good years over in Denver and he was great to learn from and to work with in general. He has good coaching skills.”

As long as Cutler is happy, maybe Head Coach Lovie Smith will be happy as well to start seeing more wins compared to this past season.

“We as a staff are excited to see what Jeremy can do for us and with our Quarterbacks,” said Coach Lovie Smith. He continues, “Since Jay has experience working with him (Bates) in Denver and had success working with him, we are expecting big improvements and hopefully this will translate into more wins next season.”

This past season, Cutler did not seem to enjoy much of the Bears old Quarterbacks Coach, Shane Day. Day and Cutler during games used to come at each other’s throats and their relationship was not to pleasant.

The Bears hope that Bates and Cutler rekindle the fire with the success they both had working together in Denver

Bears New QB Coach Jeremy Bates Working with Cutler back in Denver