Mr. Cub dies at 83

Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs, known to many as “Mr. Cub”, died Friday January 23 at the age of 83. At a press news conference on Sunday, the Banks’ family attorney revealed Banks died as a result of a heart attack.

Banks was a shortstop and first baseman for the Chicago Cubs for his entire 19-season career that lasted from 1953 to 1971. Banks managed to hit more than 500 homeruns during this time.

Not only does Banks have a one-team career with the Chicago Cubs, he was also the first African American to play for the Cubs. During an era where racism was rampant, he was often unable to stay in the same hotels or eat in the same restaurants as his teammates.

In 1977, Banks was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and is considered one of the greatest players of all times. In 2008 he was honored with a statue at Wrigley Field. In 2013, Banks received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama. Banks, at the time, referred to that moment as his greatest accomplishment.

Not only was Banks an outstanding playing on the field, he was also respected off the field. One fan remembers how he was take the time to talk to anybody and sign autographs.

Typeface for People with Dyslexia

Christian Boer, 33, has developed a typeface to make reading easier for people with dyslexia, including himself.

The typeface, Dyslexie, was first developed as a final thesis project while Boer was studying at the Utrecht Art Academy in the Netherlands. The text is easier for people with dyslexia to read by varying the letter shapes, creating less confusion between similarly shaped letters.

Boer explains on, “Traditional fonts are designed solely from an aesthetic point of view, which means they often have characteristics that make characters difficult to recognize for people with dyslexia. Oftentimes, the letters of a word are confused, turned around or jumbled up because they look too similar.”

According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia is a language-based processing disorder that results in a learning disability often characterized by difficulties with accurate word recognition, decoding and spelling. Research suggests that about 17 percent of the population has dyslexia.

Boer hopes the font will create more awareness for dyslexia and is offering the typeface for free download on his website.

Taylor Swift Helps Fan Pay College Debt

Taylor Swift has been known to lurk on her fans’ social media accounts to gather personal information about her fans. Swifts “Taylurking” typically includes interacting with and sending “Swiftmas” presents to her loyal fans.

One of the more recent “Swiftmas” recipients, Rebekah, shared a video of her opening Swift’s generous and thoughtful gift. Rebekah is seen opening the gift, piece-by-piece – each one wrapped in bubble wrap – and is overcome by emotion with item.

Swift included a handwritten note, a personalized painting, a Polaroid picture of herself painting, a necklace, and a purse shaped envelope with a check for $1,989 to put toward Rebekah’s student loans. The check was made out for the odd amount in honor of the singer’s new album, 1989 – named after the year Swift was born.