Illinois Unfair Tax System

A study shows that Illinois has one of the most unfair tax systems in the United States.  According to research done by Wallethub, Illinois is ranked at number 47 out of 50 states in the U.S. with the most unfair tax systems.  Arkansas, Hawaii, and Washington are the three states that fall behind Illinois.

“To rank the states, Wallethub conducted a nationally representative online survey of 1,050 individuals to assess what Americans think a fair state and local tax system looks like. Our analysts then compared what Americans think is fair to data on the real structure of tax systems in all 50 states.”

The Wallethub survey also states that Americans favor a progressive tax structure where higher income households pay a larger percentage than lower income households.

Illinois ranked number 7 in the “Top Ten States Where the Middle Class (40-60% income quintile) are Most Overtaxed” and ranked number 2 in the “Top Ten States Where the Poor (bottom 20%) are Most Overtaxed.”

This comes after a study in May by the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy put Illinois’ flat income tax in the “Terrible Ten” across the country.

This also comes at a time when Illinois is struggling to fix its economy.  Unequal taxing has been a problem for years and recently the issue of raising the minimum wage has been brought up.  As the November election grows near, voters will be looking at how the candidates stand on these issues to decide their vote.

What on Earth?!

A clinic staff member, who was in the room when Joan Rivers was in the procedure room, reported Rivers’ doctor Gwen Korovin took a selfie with Rivers as she was under anesthesia. CNN has yet to get ahold of Korovin although they have tried multiple times. Korovin wasn’t the doctor to perform the surgery, she was there to observe. According to a source close to the death investigation, once the surgeon finished the procedure, Korovin began a biopsy on Rivers, which wasn’t supposed to be done. According to investigators, Rivers’ vocal cords swell during the alleged unauthorized biopsy. This led to the cut of oxygen flow to her lungs which caused the cardiac arrest. A source has said that neither Korovin nor the doctor, who performed the original surgery, has officially been accused of wrongdoing by investigators. Korovin has performed surgeries on multiple Broadway singers and actors, and is considered “the patron saint.” Whether Korovin actually performed this wrongdoing surgery or not, being a potential person involved, could be a devastating blow to her career.


A suspected Harvey gangster was arrested September 11. 24-year-old Terrance Strong was wanted for allegedly killing two men in July 2010. According to an Indiana newspaper Post-Tribune, Strong and 22-year-old Jeremy Brazill, killed Jose Melendez. Melendez allegedly went looking for cocaine near a liquor store when he encountered Strong and Brazill, who stole his van. About an hour later, a fellow gang member Cordell Allen, 22, was killed due to the fact that Strong suspected him of snitching on his brother whose house was raided by police.

When Strong went to trial, Judge Diane Ross Boswell declared a mistrial. Boswell was lead to this decision because one of the jurors ran into the son of Melendez. The charges being considered were murder, murder in perpetration of robbery, attempted robbery, murder and criminal gang activity. Brazill pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and attempted robbery. He was the prosecution’s key witness in the case. Strong’s new trial is scheduled to begin November 4.