Disney’s Animal Kingdom Welcomes Baby Rhino

Disney’s Animal Kingdom welcomed a new baby white rhino calf to the herd near the end of February. This birth marks the tenth white rhino to have been born in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the second this year.

In 2014, white rhinos faced the worst poaching in their history. While there is still plenty of long-term work to be done to save this species in the wild, the Disney company is excited to celebrate this step in the right direction.

The new baby rhino will not join the savannas of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve until later this year, but the new calf still needs a name. Disney is asking the public for help deciding her name and have narrowed it down to four names: Alora, which means “my dream”; Jama, which means “friend”; Kiama, which means “magic”; or Kilira, which means “the dawn”.

Click here to cast your vote on the calf’s name. Voting is open until 10:59 p.m. central time on Thursday, March 26.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Change Name…Again

Disney CEO Bob Iger accidentally announced that Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios would be getting a new name.

After a six-year-old boy asked about the park’s name on March 12 at a shareholders meeting, Iger said a name change was coming, but then stopped himself from revealing the plans.

“It used to be MGM Studios, then changed it to Hollywood Studios, and we’re doing some significant work there right now that I guess will result in a name change,” Iger said, according to News 13, an Orlando-based news outlet. “Now we can announce that. It’s not been announced, right? We’ll announce that we’re changing the name but we won’t announce what we’re changing it to,” Iger continued.

As Iger said, the park has had two names. Originally called MGM Studios, the park changed its name to Hollywood Studios in 2008. The new name will be the third name for this park.

Major renovations are happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In 2014 Disney closed some rides in the park and Mickey’s iconic Sorcerer’s Hat was removed in early 2015. Disney has also announced that “Toy Story Midway Mania!” ride will be receiving an expansion.

Speculations are also buzzing around possible expansions in both the Pixar and Star Wars lands in the park.

Ringling to Retire Elephants

After two decades of debate, Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus announced this morning that the shows will start to phase out the show’s elephant acts by 2018.

Officials of PETA release a statement celebrating an end to the use of elephants, however some are saying, “If Ringling is serious about this decision, then it needs to end its use of elephants NOW.”

In 1995, the ABC7 I-Team lead an investigation named “Tamed or Tortured,” which exposed the tactics employed by circus trainers and animal handlers to control and teach the elephants their tricks. Circus executives expressed that the methods were intended to humanely guide the animals, not to harm them.

Feld Entertainment, Ringling’s parent company, released a statement saying, “this was not an easy decision, and we understand that it will come as a surprise to many of you.” Elephants have been a star in Ringling’s three-ring circuses for the last 145 years and have been frequently spotlighted in advertisements and posters.